Solar Energy for Business and Government

We provide clean energy for small businesses, commercial companies, governments, schools and more.


Roof mount

Adding a solar electric system in your home or business is an easy way to take advantage of microFIT contract, invest in your home or business’s value and protect the environment by using Photovoltaic solar systems (commonly referred to as PV systems) generate electricity that can be used in a number of ways.

Ground mount

In commercial and residential applications, ground-mount PV systems provide the flexibility to install arrays in open spaces when available roof area is limited, obstructed or nonexistent. Ground-mount PV systems can range in size from a few kilowatts to multimegawatts and can be adapted to a variety of site conditions. They often allow for optimized designs, such as specifying the array’s optimal pitch and orientation to maximize kilowatt-hour production. Our ground mount solutions are engineered therefore, they do not require field modifications such as cutting, drilling and welding.

We provide solar trackers for lager ground mount applications where space is limited. A solar tracker is a device for orienting a solar panel toward the sun. A solar tracker can substantially improve the amount of power produced by a system by enhancing morning and afternoon performance. It is only worth installing trackers for non-concentrating applications in regions with mostly direct sunlight. In diffuse light (ie under cloud or fog), tracking has no value. For concentrated solar energy systems a solar tracker is very beneficial.


Sandwiched between booming residential rooftop markets and large open space installations, solar car ports have not played such an important role in the past in Ontario.

  • Unlike open space installations, generally new solar car port is being built on already sealed, mostly asphalt covered areas; thus no unspoiled nature is being harmed.
  • Solar powered carports not only provide economic and environmental value to your business but also provide shades to the cars park under them and reflect majority of sunlight this further reduce heat islanding issues in built up urban areas.

With the paradigm shift in PV away from pure return-on-investment (ROI) thinking, and with the upcoming move toward e-mobility, solar panels on car ports is a good example of the changing attitudes toward the objectives of going solar.

Our solar car ports solutions could be interesting for socially responsible companies with high energy consumption. In fact, the additional benefits today are self-consumption and the image transported by a solar car port

EV charging

Envisionmatrix partnered with several world leading EV charging station providers to bring tailored solar powered EV charging enable carport solutions to our clients. We sell the latest tech in EV charging so that you do not need additional inverters to charge your car!

The transportation sector accounts for over 40% of Province greenhouse gas emissions. Use of electric cars can dramatically reduce these emissions and vehicle owners fuel costs.

Filling Up With Green Energy

If you already own or are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle, visit CAA’s Electric Vehicle Portal for information on charging stations located across Canada, government incentives, FAQs and more.

The threat of climate change and ever-increasing fuel costs has many municipalities, manufacturers and car drivers focused on reducing carbon emissions while relying on clean energy with electric vehicles (EVs).

Envisionmatrix Renewable Energy Inc. offer your business or municipality a unique and socially responsible much more sustainable opportunity of an 100 % renewable energy driven EV charging station. Whether you are a homeowner looking to install a Level 2 charging station or a business looking for a solar powered Level 3 charging station for your business, Envisionmatrix can design, supply and install a system tailored to your needs.

We can also tie stations into other renewable power systems, such as solar arrays or small wind turbines. These visually stunning combination installations can attract attention, engage customers and showcase your commitment to sustainability. All the while producing electricity to offset your consumption

Solar Powered Carport

Keep an eye on the latest news from Envisionmatrix , where we will continue to post information about upcoming incentives, or programs, for electric cars in Ontario!

Your Business

Is your business already thinking about installing an EV charging station at your location? Do you have a high-visibility, minimally shaded parking lot? We provide design and installation services as well as possible partnerships with your local municipality. Contact us for details: